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The French skater will compete in the worldwide famous winter competition 

Amandine Condroyer will be taking part in the worldwide famous Red Bull Crashed Ice games, featuring ice cross downhill competition, the fastest skating sport, held since 2011 and now a dream challenge for skaters from every country.

Amandine wanted to share some thought with us, before her debut in the new season of the event.

“I have been practicing freestyle skating for 16 years now, and as a competitor for more than 10 years. Over time, I gained the rank of national and international athlete. My passion has become the flagship activity of my life and led me to compete with the best and to forge my name in the world of roller skating. I have to my credit several podiums and world-class qualifications in the field of freestyle skating. By joining the team of France and competing for the colors of my country, I also have the current title of vice-World Champion. Thrill-seeker, I practice other sliding sports, as an amateur but also as a competitor, including the ice cross downhill, a discipline where I participated in Red Bull Crashed Ice in 2017, an international competition, highly publicized worldwide. In the future, I intend to increase my performance in this field and progress in the international competitions. This perpetual thirst for challenge gives me the ability to persevere, to succeed and to renew myself in what I am doing, that is how I face challenges in sports and in my life, generally. Finally, in the last few months I’ve been in contact with the new generations, by actively doing introductions to rollerblading and other sports or outdoor sports inside associations and sports centers. In this way, I am trying to Fila Skates Amandine Condroyer at Red Bull Crashed Ice transfer my feelings upon the universe of urban and outdoor sports to young people”.

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