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ADJUSTABLE SKATES | The advantages of MicroJem mechanism

How many times are we forced to throw a pair of shoes, still new or not so used, because the foot of our little ones has grown and the shoe has become tight?

With the MicroJem mechanism by Fila Skates, instead, our children's skates will always be the right size: in fact, thanks to the easy micro-adjustment to be made with a small lever on the heel, this technology allows to adjust the size of the skate on the foot of the user, even when worn. Lightweight and durable, MicroJem uses a millimetric adjustment system, thus allowing for maximum comfort and maximum precision for the fitting of skates ideal conditions for the child's foot and to improve comfort during activity.

The advantages that derive from the use of this technology are therefore many: a definite saving for the parents, who are not forced to replace the skates every six months; greater durability of the skates, thanks to the robust and quality construction assured by Fila Skates; a constant feeling of comfort for the feet of our little ones; finally, an incredible ease of use, which makes the size adjustment almost a game and also allows children to do it, in total safety.

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