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The 80s sneakers looks, like the glorious basketball shoes seen on so many NBA champions and around the world. Characteristics of a true protagonist of quad skating, with safety, stability, control and perfection in movement at every push. This is Ace, a real champ at your disposal to perfect your way of skating and, at the same time, to define your style in an important way, moving through the streets of the center and the skate parks showing self-awareness and superiority!

This quad skate is perfect for satisfying your desire to experiment with new tricks or to dance to the beat of hip hop music, or even to fight inside the rink in tight roller derby runs. All this, however, with maximum safety, thanks to the solid structure of the liner and truck, to the wheels designed to withstand important loads and sustain leaps, curves and rapid changes of direction.

Ace will amaze you with precision and control, becoming your friend of a thousand battles and adventures; and it will surprise anyone in your company for its super look.

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