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Really positive debut at UISP National Champs

Excellent results from the A Ruota Libera team, immediately protagonist in the Italian roller scene. Here is their enthusiastic report of the UISP national championships event of last weekend.

The year has just begun but we decided to immediately throw ourselves into the fray, and what better chance than the UISP Italian Championships held in Vanzaghello from 1 to 4 November?

So ready, we participate in 15 in the roller cross competition, with our freshly printed uniforms.

The track is beautiful and technical, as a last minute surprise there’s a new ramp never tried, but no fear, we are excited and we immediately throw ourselves in to try it.
The day of competitions starts with the agonists, making the tension rise even more because of waiting, but finally, around 13.00, we start.
The youngest are Nexia Gualdi (6 years old), Anna Airoldi (7 years) and Giulia Attivissimo (7 years old) who have nothing to envy the big guys and after two time trials, jumps and falls Nexia graduates national category of the first steps.

Following the “spring” category where the girls Debora Stroppa, Viola Galessi, Monica Cadei and Aurora Olz have to fight alone against the clock and with a very high number of fierce participants. Here we pay a little inexperience in the time trial, which does not give any reference point, but the girls defend themselves well by bringing home several top rank placings, waiting for the opportunity to be able to run elbow to elbow with real opponents.

Then it is the turn of Sofia Ferrarese, Vittoria Merati, Arianna Milesi and Francesca Morbis belonging to the beginners category. The first two climb the time trial standings in the first four places, earning a spot in the final heats. Sofia, after hard training and some losses, does not give up and takes home a perfect day of competition and in the final finds a flicker to make a masterful overtaking that is worth the deserved first national place.
Vittoria struggles with all her strength, taking home an excellent fourth place, followed by Arianna who, weakened by a strong cold, still manages to complete the entire race, almost in apnea, finishing in fifth place out of twenty starting skaters.

Then come the races of boys and girls categories, where we find Piero Speziale, Clarissa Bartolini, Veronica Bonaita. Our three rockets run very fast, making even the coaches astonished, and finishing, respectively, third in the beginners category, second and fourth in the students category.
Lastly, Riccardo Lussana, who started combing in September but already flies, competes and takes home the title of national champion in the master category.

Thanks to all these placements, A Ruota Libera is ranked fourth in twelve in the teams  ranking, thus giving a great happiness to our mascot Lollo.

A special thanks to all the parents who have decided to follow and support us in this new adventure and who have hold on tightly all day. Finally, a big thank you to the coaches Irene Misani, Marcello Riviera, Paolo Cortesi, Alessandro Buscarino and Romina Poli who follow and support all the kids with passion.

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