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A RUOTA LIBERA | Learn to skate in Bergamo

This week we talk about the skating school of our Marcello Riviera, active in the province of Bergamo and more.

The A Ruota Libera (tr. On Free Wheel) sports association was born from the passion and experience of years of teaching and practicing the inline skating discipline.
In the Bergamo area, skating has been known for years thanks to the presence of the group Roller Pòter, a team of friends all 8-wheels enthusiasts that go out for beautiful skating along the cycle routes of the area.

A Ruota Libera comes from two historical figures of this group, Irene Misani and Paolo Cortesi, who together with Marcello Riviera decided to join forces to transmit passion and experience in a skating school that was not only an end in itself, but had the goal of making the kids grow up in a healthy and fun environment, where competition is a source of personal enrichment.

The guys start competing in promotional circuits, available for every level, even the base one.
Courses are held throughout the province of Bergamo.

A Ruota Libera, together with other associations, collaborates in the social commitments with Rete Terzo tempo and the association of the Malpensata district, to create projects that make sport and skating grow in the Bergamo area.

Our future projects are aimed at collaborating with various institutions, to bring back to life the skating arena of Bergamo and the creation of a new concept of skate park, which does not discriminate any wheel sports and that can host national and international events and competitions.

A thank you from the association to all those who work for the success of our projects, the smiles that give us every lesson to the kids and Fila Skates, who gave us the equipment thus allowing many people who had not the possibility to try freestyle skating.

Each of us does our best, hence our #DoYourBLADEst motto!

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