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20 YEARS FOR ROLLER POWER | An important anniversary for the Crema team

Twenty fantastic years have passed since the name of Roller Power first appeared on an orange and blue acrylic shirt. The special birthday was celebrated as it should be and nobody wanted to miss this year’s XCream meeting.

More than doubled the number of registrations compared to the previous year, 220 athletes at the start, a sign of great expectation built on the good results of previous editions, affection for our team and an unprecedented social campaign; also, the organizational efforts and the problems to be managed doubled.

But it was also great the satisfaction to have brought together the fans of half of Italy, from the little ones to the old glories, old just for saying eh! Athletes of national and international level alongside the most aggressive amateurs, representatives of all ages to defend the colors of the 12 teams intervened, from the most famous in Italy to the newborns, equally aggressive and defiant.

A satisfaction then to have changed a bad day, on the asphalt, in the rain of Crema and ended, with a scorching sun outside, in the gym at Monte Cremasco, in the deafening joyous din of the hundreds of spectators and athletes spring loaded by the number one of speakers, a born showman, our super Roberto, a true show in the show; for a moment we trembled for the windows of the structure!

Xcream is not (just) a roller cross race, Xcream is a party, it's dance music, it's a meeting between old and new friends, a pure freestyle contest where it really matters to have fun, style jump and macarena, where the audience dances on the track and in the stands, where no one, at least for a day, thinks about the ranking, even if the prizes are distributed at the top. Everyone but everyone, from the first to the last, went on the podium to collect awards and medals, and what kind of medals!

Seeing the race from the inside was a real privilege: crazy rhythms, the tension of the start, the effort of the athletes, the beatings and the clashes, the ruinous falls, the hugs between opponents, the open smiles, the huge cheering, the sweat to rivers in every battery in a spectacular crescendo, because you joke but on the track, photo finish, nobody wants the wheels of the others in front of his...

Marcello Riviera and Susanna Scotti once again put their soul into the event, captaining a united and winning team, which inside and outside the track never gives up.

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