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Matteo Allegrini


Monza, Italy

Favourite skate:

NRK Carbon

We introduce to you our athlete Matteo AllegriniItalian skater specialist in Speed ​​Slalom.

Matteo has been practicing skating for many years, the first time he wore roller skates was only 5 years oldand since then, he has not taken them off. He has practiced various disciplines before specializing in Speed ​​Slalom, such as slalom style, high jump and skating. Currently, in addition to Speed ​​Slalom, he practices Skate Cross in national competitions with some appearances also internationally.

Since joining the Fila Skates crew in 2015, results have not been slow to come. He has obtained three regional champion titles in a row, as well as several podiums in national competitions. In international competitions he went to the podium several times, even reaching the top step. These results have allowed him to be one of the strongest Speed ​​Slalom performers in the world, reaching the sixth place in the world ranking of the WSSA circuit. In 2018 he achieved his first success on Asian soil, in WuYiShan, in addition to an excellent eighth place in a prestigious event in Shanghai.

To get the best performances, Matteo always uses our NRK Carbon skates with the 3x100mm cart, both in training and in races.