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M.G.M. S.P.A. is actually one of the primary players in the Inline Skate and Outdoor Shoes industry. The company is designed to have the maximum flexibility and adapt to all the different situations of the evolving market. Maximum attention is given to the R&D process, therefore M.G.M. S.P.A. is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in sport industry. Along the years Fila Skates took a leading position in several countries, with specific reference to performance and race product categories. The introduction of several patented technologies led Fila Skates to a leading position in the worldwide Inline Skates market. In our production control, we use a Total Quality Inspection System, performed through the whole process. This system guarantees that all the goods delivered to our customers respect our quality standards.

Fila Skates brand is strictly connected to the concept of high performance products. It is targeted to evolved pro and non-pro consumers looking for high quality skates as it is perceived as highly technical. The success of Fila Skates is also due to the introduction in the market of many innovations and patented technologies, which are changing the skating state of the art, both in the inline, as well as in the ice skates scenario.

A more recent scenario is the community, becoming every day bigger and bigger!

Fila Skates is a big family sharing passion, ideas and committment.

Fila Skates is a big family sharing passion, ideas and committment.

Fila Skates is at the same time the precious heritage of a worldwide funded brand, FILA, and the expression of a consolidated and specific know-how developed by the licensee itself. 

Therefore, our mission is mainly the fusion of such aspects in order to develop a more and more technical and comfortable product, matching up with performance standards, overcoming current limits in terms of innovation and making brand awareness take off all over the world.

Skating with FILA skates, takes you now to a big community. Be part of this community means also give one's own contribution to product development, sharing ideas, comments, suggestions. But it means also have fun, take inspiration from Fila athletes and enjoy the enthusiasm. 

Races, urban exploration, freeskate evolution, fitness and recreational moments, women's style, hockey&figure demanding standards, junior explosion, rental projects: this and much more is Fila Skates.  

Join & enjoy!