Javi Araez

Javi Araez  

Javi Araez

freeskate, aggressive, skatecross

Athlete / Spain

Hometown Madrid
Favourite FILA skate FILA NRK PRO Lightblue
Skate configuration Blue Custom Kit/Frame 243 4x80

"Skating" in your own words...

Skating is a passion. It’s a way to achieve your goals and reach the limits you thought were not possible.

It’s learning to conquer your fears, gaining strengh and figuring out how to pick yourself up, rub off the dust and try what you failed again.

Summing up your dreams

My dreams have already been summed up thanks to skating. I’ve travelled around the world meeting thousands of people and making friends in every city or town. In the future, I want to keep working in the skating scene, trying to make it even bigger, and recognized as one of the main sports. ROLL4LIFE!!

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